Tuna tartar with quinoa tabbouleh
Tuna tartar with quinoa tabbouleh

10 pax


  • Tuna loin (in small cubes) 2lb 3oz
  • Chives (chopped) 2oz
  • Advocates (in small cubes) 8oz
  • Olive oil 3oz
  • Lime juice of 5 pieces
  • Quinoa (boiled for 10 minutes) 14oz
  • Greek yogurt 3 ½ oz
  • Chili peppers (chopped) 4 pieces
  • Mint (chopped) 1oz
  • Baby leaves 3 ½ oz



Blend the tuna loin with the chives, the advocates, the olive oil and the lime juice in a medium bowl. In another bowl, blend the quinoa with the yogurt, the chili peppers, the mint and the baby leaves to create the tabbouleh. Put the tabbouleh under the tuna blend. Finish with drops of yogurt on the plate.