About Nice n Easy Group

More than anything, ‘nice n easy’ is a way of living. It’s the food, it’s the music, it’s the people and it’s the mood. In 2008, two creative minds- entrepreneur Dimitris Christoforidis & chef Chris Athanasiadis- joined forces. Their objective was to create a purlieu with tasty and healthy, home-like food, crafted with organic ingredients and offered in affordable prices. Dimitris wanted to instill Athenians with a healthy lifestyle mentality, the same one he had in his years living in LA; Chris wanted to share his never-ending creativity and a passion for quality food. And ‘nice n easy’ was born!

Athenians now had a go-to place to enjoy delicious food prepared with qualitative organic ingredients, offbeat cocktails and, most importantly, a cozy atmosphere. Jazz music and black & white old Hollywood figures on the walls set the background in the first ‘nice n easy’ restaurant in Kolonaki and friendly faces were always there to help. The ‘nice n easy’ concept met with success, so it was only natural to expand. In xx ‘nice n easy’ “sailed” to Mykonos and has been a Greek cuisine staple for the cosmopolitan crowd there ever since. A couple of years later, another ‘nice n easy’ opened in Athens, in Kifissia, to meet the demand of its frequenters in the suburbs.

What was initially a bold entrepreneurial move, became a concept and this concept eventually took shape into a group of four restaurants and many distinctions from critics and customers alike. Today, ‘nice n easy’ is the go-to place for organic quality meals in Athens down-town, Kifissia and Mykonos. In summer 2016, a member of the ‘nice n easy’ family was added by the name Nesaea, located in Mykonos. Drawing inspiration from the Greek Mythology, Nesaea offers a unique interpretation to Greek-island cuisine with an upgraded culinary approach.

The success of the group was highlighted by the title of the “National Champion” in the RSM European Business Awards 2015-2016, while all this time, ‘nice n easy’ has been leading the trends in healthy eating, bringing to its followers the newest superfoods or cooking methods, while transforming every visit into a complete palate experience. But this is not, by any means, all to expect when creativity is in abundance.. Surely there’s more to follow!